Toshiba brings appliances to PHL market

TOSHIBA has reintroduced a line of products taking inspiration from Japan’s “Takumi Spirit” in the Philippines through its local partner, Concepcion Midea, Inc.

“The backbone of Japan culture and the way they do their things, even when they make their sushi, the way they curve, it’s done with perfection, craftsmanship, and precision. That’s the background behind Toshiba. We want to do our products well with the Japan quality,” Jose Luis P. Hidalgo, business unit head of Toshiba, told BusinessWorld in an interview during the product launch held late February.

The event served to reintroduce Toshiba’s appliance products to the Philippines. The products include a range of refrigerators — from side-by-side, French-door, and two-door top mount refrigerators. A line of washing machines will also be made available in the country, as well as water dispensers.

The refrigerator line’s prices range from below P20,000 to about P80,000. For the washing machines, it ranges from P8,000 to P65,000, while the water dispensers are priced from P7,000 to P11,000.

The Japanese company reintroduced these products in the country through its local partner, Concepcion Midea, a joint venture company of Filipino company Concepcion Group and Chinese-company Midea.

“I wouldn’t say we are expensive. We’re at the mid-price. We have a dual strategy with our partner company, which is Midea… They sell to practical consumers, so parang (like) first-time workers who want an appliance brand, but Toshiba naman (on the other hand), what we do is we target the modern go-getter… The ambitious go-getter is someone who wants to have it all for her family. There’s a level of success already, and then she wants good quality,” Mr. Hidalgo said.

Following its reintroduction of its appliances, the company is very positive of its growth in the Philippines.

“The current business atmosphere in the country is very positive — a growing economy, a young and dynamic population, and a positive confidence level in both business and consumer sentiments… And with the competitive Toshiba products we will be launching, we are confident that we will be able to sin the heart of consumers in the Philippines,” the company said in a statement on Feb. 26. — V.M.P. Galang

Blog Credits to Business world


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